EDUTIGE Smart Recording Kit – now on!

The EDUTIGE Smart Recording Kit is NOW AVAILABLE on

The multi-part EDUTIGE Smart Recording Kit comes with everything you need to improve the quality of your smartphone video recordings. Most modern smartphones deliver very good HD video recording, but the biggest weakness is always the sound quality. Our kit contains the EDUTIGE EIM-003 i-Microphone, which will give you a smoother, clearer and more dynamic sound quality than with the built-in mic of your smartphone. The sensitivity of the EIM-003 is about the same as the iPhone 5 and yet you will hear a more crisp, clear, dynamic sound. Especially made for acoustic music recordings such as piano or acoustic guitar, the EIM-003 has an inbuilt protection to prevent the recording from clipping, which you can not find in built-in smartphone microphones. In addition with the EWS-003 Fur Windscreen you can improve the sound even more and prevent breathing- or wind noises in your recording. Also included in the kit is the EDUTIGE Smart Line Extension Cable ESL-006 – our 2 meter extension cable with metal clip attached at the socket. With that you can attach the microphone either to the Smart Holder or your clothing or equipment. Also we give you a FREE GIFT with that kit: the very practical Smart Pod (which can be used as a mini-tripod or filming handle) + Smart Holder with a very practical snap function for quick clamp and release of the smartphone. If you use the EDUTIGE Smart Recording Kit it will improve the sound quality of your smartphone video recordings AND the usage of the Smart Pod + Smart Holder as a filming handle will give you a much more stable filming experience. The set contains the following parts:

  • EDUTIGE i-Microphone Music EIM-003
  • EDUTIGE Smart Line Extension Cable ESL-006
  • EDUTIGE Fur Windscreen EWS-003
  • FREE GIFT: Smart Pod with Smart Holder

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